Tim Benson is leaving Houchen Bindery in a couple weeks, and I am uncertain what that will mean for comics at Houchen. I am told they will continue as they have for the past year without Tim, but I know he was still involved even if it was behind the scenes. And he provided a quality control that was not there prior.


At this time, I will finish all books that are currently at the bindery and that have already been sent to me, with no changes and hopefully no delays in the processing.


But going forward, I will no longer be doing comic binding prep and services. I realize I have been in discussion with many of you about projects and some of you likely have material very close to shipping them out. I apologize that you will need to make adjustments.


Once all books that are currently at the bindery are wrapped up I will be taking a break and rethinking my options.


David Banks





Some new books.


David Banks

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